Truck Campers

4 Toyota Tundra Camper Options To Explore the Great Outdoors

More often, it seems we spot Toyota Tundra camper setups on the road vs. just the traditional big 3 American full-size truck manufacturers typically seen here in the U.S. Maybe you’re a Tundra owner yourself, and are interested in purchasing a camper. If so, here’s some popular camper options for…

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The XPTray: Aluminum Camper Flatbed with Storage by XPCamper

The XPTray is designed and manufactured by XPCamper in Grass Valley, CA.  It’s at custom aluminum flatbed system with ample storage, and a solid foundation to fit an XPCamper or use strictly as a flatbed. Each XPTray is designed specifically for your particular truck application, from a Toyota Tacoma to…

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3 Chevy Colorado Campers, GMC Canyon Camper Options

The Chevy Colorado, and it’s close cousin the GMC Canyon are handsome little trucks, with model years running 2003-Present. There are 2 generations, the first running from 2003-2012 and the 2nd from 2012-present day. Payload capacity ranges from 1,370 to 1,581 lbs. Maybe you’ve been looking for a Chevy Colorado camper or one for…

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